New Corporate Office
In January 2016, Networked Energy Services moved its headquarters in San Jose to a new location at 5215 Hellyer Avenue, Suite 150. Situated at the southern edge of Silicon Valley amongst the foothills of the Diablo Mountain Range, the new location provides a unique natural environment, as well as proximity and easy access to downtown San Jose, the San Jose airport, and the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area.
The new office is designed as an open space environment that features far more room than the previous location, greatly improving the efficiency of communications and interactions between the various development, manufacturing, and test teams at the San Jose office. This additional space also greatly benefits the hardware and software labs that are used to test the operational characteristics, quality and durability of the products designed by NES. The new facility provides the capacity to implement new test set-ups and run more tests in parallel with one another, improving the overall efficiency of the development process in the San Jose office.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new facilities during your next visit to California!
Product Update: The New Gen 4 SP Meter
Our company vision at NES is to become the market-leading provider of smart grid solutions that help utilities achieve unprecedented levels of grid safety, reliability, and efficiency with our 3 tier, proven, open, multi-application platform. As part of this vision, we introduced our 4th generation of OSGP-compatible smart meters last year; the Generation 4 single phase meter (referred to as Gen 4 SP meter).

The Gen 4 SP meter has already been used in various projects including Tauron‘s Smart Metering project in Wroclaw, Poland.

The Gen 4 meter has been designed to include many new features, and to also support the ability to seamlessly add enhancements later in order to continue to meet the changing needs of the utility industry. The Gen 4 meters provide a greater value to utilities than previous generations of NES meters. Details on this product are available on the NES website.
Factory Update: Successful NMi Factory Audit
On March 17th, the NES Smart Meter manufacturing facility at Jabil in Kwidzyn Poland underwent its first major MID Module D audit one year after receiving its initial certification. This audit is in some respects considered more important than the initial audit, as the MID examiner is looking to see if NES has rigorously followed the required Verification and Traceability procedures over the past year, that NES continues to maintain manufacturing data integrity, and, if necessary, that NES updated its specifications to incorporate new procedures for new products released during the previous year.

We are proud to report that the examiner found NES‘s systems and execution to be impeccable. The Auditor was extremely complementary of NES‘s systems, and he stated that it is unheard of to have zero minor and zero major non-conformances in your first year. The Auditor‘s final passing comment to the team was “I consider the depth of NES‘s implementation and execution of the MID Module D requirements to be world class.” These results are a direct reflection of the quality and dedication of NES manufacturing support personnel and the quality of NES products.
NES Receives World‘s First OIML R 46 Certificate of Conformance
NMi congratulated Networked Energy Services (NES) in march for being the first meter supplier to obtain the OIML R 46 Certificate of Conformity. NMi issued the first OIML R 46 Certificate of Conformity in the world to NES. You can find the certificate on the OIML website.

Recommendation R 46 – “Active electrical energy meters” – implies a time and cost saving opportunity for manufacturers. When meters are tested in accordance with this Recommendation R46, it provides approval for multiple countries by using the combination of OIML and IEC/EN reports. For more information about OIML R 46, click here.
NES Projects: Another Satisfied NES Customer
Last fall, we announced that Stadtwerke Amstetten, a regional supply company in the wholly-owned property of the Municipality of Amstetten in Austria, decided to install the NES Patagonia Platform and AMI application. Stadtwerke Amstetten planned its rollout according to the Smart Meter Rollout milestones of the Austrian law, IME-VO for its customers across its operating territory. They selected NES because of its successful long term experience and unique grid insight with its power line communications (PLC) implementation, its proven performance of delivering exceptional SLA´s via PLC, and our ability to provide meters in compliance according to the IME-VO regulations. This project follows other successful NES projects in Austria including projects with Linz Strom, Stadtwerke Feldkirch and Energie Klagenfurt. Stadtwerke Amstetten is now in the process of installing the first 1000 meters on several transformers. Along with the NES System, they are using an MDM Solution based on the Kapsch SEM. They are planning to install about 4000 additional smart meters before the end of the year. Stadtwerke Amstetten is using the new features in the Patagonia Platform including the enhanced AES security as part of the open standard, multi-application platform. Some of the planned smart grid services that will be part of this project include supporting load management, controlling streetlights, and managing heating boilers.
Latest News
• NES Appoints New CEO and Managing Director for its Middle East & North Africa Region.
• Networked Energy Services Receives G3-PLC Certification.
• NES Establishes New Office in Sweden.
• NES Opens New Manufacturing Center in the European Union.
• Sweden‘s Landskrona Energy AB Pilots the NES Patagonia Grid Modernization Platform.
• Polenergia Implements NES Patagonia Grid Modernization Platform.
Upcoming Events
• OSGP & NES Security Seminar Gdansk - Poland 28 Sept
• European Utility Week 2016 Barcelona - Spain 15-17 Nov

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