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NES VP Customer Solutions, Jon Wells, interviewed by OSGP: What will NES bring to EUW 2019?

Getting ready to operate the smarter grid: How Smart Grid Operations, aligned to ITIL, can enable the Smart Energy Transition


Smart Meters Need More Protection from Hackers: Critical steps utilities should be taking to detect potential attacks.

Feeding the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence "Information-Appetite" - From the Low-Voltage Grid



The webinar featured a survey where participants gave their views on the challenges they face with gathering information from the Smart Grid. The results were very interesting, so we summarized them in this article.



Highlights from Smart Grid Big Data Conference - Berlin



Jon Wells, VP Customer Solutions:
I was really pleased to attend the Smart Grid Big Data conference in Berlin. It was great to represent the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) Alliance and co-present with Jorgen Rasmussen from Ravdex on their innovative smart meter deployment, offering sub-minute power quality measurements from the meters. Get ready for some really big data!

Leading the round-table on Merging Data Streams was a fantastic experience. "Gamification" and oyster-shells were surprising topics! More serious was the observation that we can still rely on the human instinct to spot insights and patterns in data, when aided through sophisticated visualisation tools.

The energy industry is harnessing the power of big data, AI and computer learning to drive the Smart Energy Transition!




Larry Colton



Larry Colton

Director, Global Business Development & Marketing

Since meters are the cash registers for Distribution System Operators (DSOs) around the world, it is critical for DSOs to utilize electricity meters that are accurate and resilient. Countries ensure this by implementing metrology regulations and requiring certification before meters can be installed. There are various certification regulations around the world. Some are specific for individual countries, such as BEV for Austria, some cover a region, such as MID (2014/32 / EU), and one is global, OIML R46.

In Europe, MID is the certification standard. In addition to basic and advanced meter specific requirements, the Directive identifies procedures under which meter manufacturers must declare their conformity with the requirements when placing their measuring instruments on the market or putting them into service. MID is supplemented by harmonized standards and normative documents, such as CEN, CENELEC or even OIML, which contain more precise requirements and test procedures. For utilities to ensure that Smart Meters comply with the appropriate regulations, standards and certification testing, Smart Grid solution providers, such as NES, should implement extensive and detailed processes, including initial in-house testing, which is tailored for each country and market, since requirements and regulations sometimes vary.

One of the most inclusive certifications is OIML R46, which is based on European EN 50470 standards, Australian Standards, IEC 62052 and 62053 standards, and ANSI standards. With the publication of this set of documents, OIML created a worldwide acceptance tool in a rapidly evolving smart meter market. NES wanted to be a leader in this direction and, in 2016, NES became the first company in the world to receive the OIML R46 Certificate of Conformity, allowing NES to send certified smart metering products to any participating country globally.


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