Grid Navigator & Grid Flow

Low Voltage Grid Mapper & Energy Balancer
Grid Navigator & Grid Flow

Grid Navigator & Grid Flow, both powered by Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, allow you to discover your low-voltage network infrastructure from the transformer to the meter sensing quality of supply to the customer and throughout the low-voltage grid.

• Become Grid Aware through Distributed Intelligence in your low-voltage network and enable any meter to act as a sensor.
• Evolve your AMI solution to drive your operational excellence, focus on customer experience and your reputation, increase distribution efficiency.
• Control infrastructure investment.
• Integrate low-voltage network health information into your business and technology decision making process.

Grid Flow

• Provide power flow model for each phase of the grid
• Detect and alarm on phase imbalances within the low – voltage grid
• Identify transformer under or over utilization
• Identify meter mis-wiring
• Record current and historic low-voltage grid parameters

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Grid Navigator

• Discover your low-voltage grid topology and connectivity
• Track changes in configuration over time
• Understand the phase wiring across the low-voltage grid
• Use patented technology only available through your OSGP deployment

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