Grid Navigator and Grid Flow: Smart Grid Analytics Solutions

Grid Navigator and Grid Flow: Smart Grid Analytics Solutions

Grid Navigator & Grid Flow, both powered by Patagonia Energy Applications Platform, are smart grid analytics solutions that allow you to discover your low-voltage network infrastructure from the transformer to the meter sensing quality of supply to the customer and throughout the low-voltage grid.

When it comes to making key business and operations decisions, DSOs need to ensure that they have the full picture. Without all the facts, you cannot be sure that you’re making the right decisions.

Where is your visibility of low-voltage network coming from?

Dedicated sensor deployments are expensive and static

Legacy DMS require perfect information to generate insight

Field-visits are expensive and detract from other work

To gain business and operations insight from smart grid analytics, you need to measure directly & measure often as part of an integrated smart metering solution

This is how Grid Navigator & Grid Flow can help

Share information with operational and business systems through APIs and with users through sophisticated GUIs

Use built-in “know-how” and develop your own apps to differentiate and innovate your services

Dynamically enable any meter to act as a sensor to improve power quality by providing voltage, power, phase, ripple and other smart grid analytics and measurements

Discover not only the low-voltage grid topology, but track changes and apply configuration control practices

Make use of distributed intelligence in the smart grid to process and act upon information autonomously


Grid Navigator

  • Discover your low-voltage grid topology and connectivity
  • Track changes in configuration over time
  • Understand the phase wiring across the low-voltage grid
  • Use patented technology only available through your OSGP deployment
  • Remove dependency on paper records and cumbersome schematics
  • Improve field-force usage
  • Identify changes which may have introduced faults
  • Expose topology information into other management tools

Grid Flow

  • Provide power flow models for each phase of the grid
  • Detect and alarm on phase imbalances within the low-voltage grid
  • Identify transformer under or over utilization
  • Identify meter mis-wiring
  • Record current and historic low-voltage grid parameters
  • Optimize use of low-voltage distribution assets
  • Improve health and safely
  • Avoid equipment failures and outages
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Reduce the need for expensive sensors

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