NES Smart Grid Sensor Tier

Tier 1 | Enterprise Tier

A central data hub that empowers the Patagonia Energy Applications Platform (EAPTM) & securely coordinates communications across the architecture

- Supplies everything a utility needs to deploy, provision, configure, manage, audit, diagnose, and retrieve data from any OSGP-compatible device
- Analytics coordinating across all levels of architecture
- Monitoring of grid health
- Low voltage grid mapping
- Security events and alarm information
- Quicker access to new NES features
- Expanded integration & device communications ability
- Customizable user interfaces
- Operational Efficiency & Optimisation Tools
- Configuration Management
- Remote control of meter functions.

NES Distributed Control Node Tier

Tier 2 | Control Node Tier

Connects the meters with the NES head-end, correlates, analyses and aggregates data from devices, and provides your field innovation platform

- Distributed Control Nodes located at the medium/low-voltage transformer that manage the OSGP devices and securely connect to the enterprise via an IP network
- Linux Based
- Secure communications
- Convenient installation
- USB Connectivity to other devices
& networks
- LV Grid Mapping support
- Delegated control from head-end
- Offers distributed network intelligence which provides additional monitoring, analytics & automation
- Allows utilities to adapt to the changing needs of your low voltage distribution grid.

NES Electric Meter Device Tier

Tier 3 | Grid Device Tier

Smart Meters that serve as powerful grid sensors, local communications gateways and supply control devices, as well as providing smart grid monetisation

- Support OSGP, DLMS & ANSI protocols
- Proven, reliable PLC technology
- Support for BPSK, G3-PLC communications
- GPRS/UMTS point-to-point
- Extensible communication expansion
port for integration for expanded services
including HAN integration, and energy
- Enhanced, always-on security with AES encryption and key management
- Headroom for new firmware, feature and security updates and network
- Offer reliable, accurate operation using bidirectional secure power line communications.

The Patagonia Security Platform is an integral part of every process of the NES Smart Grid solution

Smart Communications & Security

G3 - PLC

NES Smart Meters communicate using technologies that suit your environment and budget. NES also accommodates strategies for using smart meters as remote sensors deep in the low-voltage grid and at the point of consumption. BPSK and G3 PLC communications use the energy grid itself as the means to share information. Where desirable, you can also use the latest cellular/mobile network technologies to gather information from the smart meters. Finally, NES offers a number of options to integrate your meter into your smart home and other smart devices, sensors and meters, including M-Bus, wireless M-Bus and Zigbee.

Two things are common across all NES Smart Meter communications – reliability and security. Our implementation of OSGP ensures that high communications performance is achieved with security fully enabled. You do not need to compromise one for the other.

Utilities everywhere face growing energy demands, ever-tightening regulatory mandates, and the need to integrate renewable energy sources.Networked Energy Services’ open, multi-application smart grid solutions & technology improves today’s grid and provides a seamless pathway to a smarter future. Our NES Patagonia platform and technology offer industry leading security features that are designed to protect, detect and respond to current and future cybersecurity threats in an efficient and timely manner.

The Challenge

Modernizing the electrical grid is a complex undertaking, with each country and region facing its own distinct challenges. Smart metering technology at the edge of the grid is key to the utilities’ ability to deliver more energy more efficiently. Smart Grid solutions mean more than just making electricity meters more accurate or easier to read. Utilities also need to be able to collect real-time grid statistics important for determining grid health and operating their network more efficiently; provide flexible energy usage programs; and be confident that their metering and communication technology will operate reliably even in tough environments.  

The Results

By enabling the building and management of a smarter grid, NES grid modernization solutions help utilities to:

  • Better manage energy efficiency and operation for the low-voltage grid
  • Provide customers with greater insight and control over their energy consumption and costs
  • Reduce non-technical power losses, such as from theft, and increase revenue assurance
  • Maximize the life of grid assets and provide a future proof Smart Grid solution

The NES System helps utilities better manage and operate their networks by pinpointing and restoring outages and identifying voltage quality issues automatically, without calling customers or driving to confirm that power has been restored. The NES System also can predict line failures before they occur and cost-effectively schedule preventive maintenance. All of these features also help to provide better protection and safety for utility customers. In addition, the NES System improves the billing procedure by automating processes and ensuring accuracy. The NES System can also leverage the smart metering infrastructure to offer additional smart grid applications.

We believe that basing our smart meter on the industry-standard Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) and our system solution based using on NES technology enables us to uniquely deliver improved quality of service, reduce peak demand and operational costs, and protect revenue for our customers.

Proven Results Matter
>99.8% daily availability of meter data
>50% drop in customer complaints for one utility
>30% reduction in a utility’s operation expenses
>$80M savings for one utility from eliminating field visits for connections
>50% tampering reduction
>600,000 annual field visits for connections eliminated for one utility
>17% annual energy savings by consumers of one utility
>40 million devices with NES’ smart grid technology