Patagonia Smart Grid Applications

Patagonia Energy Applications Platform™

Patagonia Energy Applications Platform is a pre-integrated, cloud-ready and secure suite of analytics, operations and business support tools. The Patagonia Energy Applications Platform is a combination of technologies and an ecosystem that provides secure and interoperable software and communications solution for you to improve customer service, grid reliability, and efficient operations. The Patagonia Energy Applications Platform has the OSGP standard as its foundation.

Pre-Integration with OSGP makes it simple

Patagonia Energy Applications Platform provides a flexible framework to leverage your AMI investment and create your own Energy Applications to respond rapidly to market changes and exploit opportunities that new technology brings.

• Deploy into any existing OSGP infrastructure
• Deploy anywhere, leverage local data processing and distributed intelligence and automation
• Deploy faster and with no disruption
• Achieve benefits on day one through in-built “know-how”
• Develop your own analytics to differentiate your services
• Integrate low-voltage network information with your business decision support tools
• Integrate low-voltage network information with your customer facing systems

Grid Navigator & Grid Flow

Grid Navigator & Grid Flow

Gain visibility of your low-voltage network. Discover grid topology, monitor the supply, and reduce losses.

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Reducing Waste Through Voltage Control

Improving Volt/VAR Control

Tighter control reduces waste and increases grid capacity

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DCN To Reduce Energy Wastage At A lower Cost

Micro Distribution Management

Bringing intelligent power to the customer

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Electricity Outage Restoration & Avoidance

Powering Outage Avoidance and Restoration

Fewer outages, increased reliability, enhanced customer experience

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