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IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Device

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Proven, Secure, Multi-Application
Secure: built on industry leading security features.
Reliable: provides a 20 year life.
Extensible: connects to local devices such as in-home displays.
NES IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Device
Open Standard, Reliable Platform
Smart grid device and revenue-grade residential and small commercial customer smart meter. Collects industry leading variety of grid health data elements as well as provides alarming on deviation of power distribution service levels. 4x16 load profiles for flexible collection of sensing and metering data for grid health management applications and smart metering.
IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Key Features NES IEC Single Phase Smart meter Features
  • Forward and reverse active and reactive energy measurements.
  • 4x16 channels of load profile data; each with independent configuration of interval, size and collection settings. 
  • Time-of-use supporting multi-tariff energy measurements. 
  • Advanced tamper and fraud detection.
  • Measurement technology designed to withstand magnetic fields.
  • Secure remote firmware upgrades.
  • Power quality measurements include: voltage, current, frequency, power factor, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
Protect Revenue and Reduce Operational Costs NES IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Reduces Operational Cost
  • Forward, reverse, net active energy, kvarh import/export, and four-quadrant kvarh measurements enable customer micro-generation sources and power quality monitoring.
  • Tampering attempts are detected on cover removal and magnetic field presence. All events are detected and logged - even during power failures - and then securely communicated in a timely manner. Energy measuring technology is highly resistant to DC magnetic fields.
Proven, Reliable Choice NES IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Is Proven, Reliable Choice
  • Millions of meters deployed with 20 year service life.
  • Each meter acts as repeater to reach other meters and establish a power line mesh network that shows the real topology of the low-voltage distribution system.
A Smart Meter and Powerful Grid Sensor in One NES IEC Poly Phase Smart Meter Grid Sensor
  • Load profiling; billing for time-of-use, prepay, and optional max demand; power-quality analysis of 271 grid health measurement elements; remote-controlled disconnect/reconnect switch; comprehensive display, home area networking support.
Open Communications for Expandability and Interoperability NES IEC Poly Phase Smart Grid Applications
  • Optional serial multipurpose expansion port (MEP) allows secure hardware extensions for communication with in-home devices as well as gas, heat and water meters.
  • OSGP certified, delivering data at industry leading availability rates enabling smart grid applications.
Technical Specs
Accuracy Active: Class 1 certified to IEC 62053-21, 
Class B certified to EN 50470-3 (MID)
Reactive: Class 2 certified to IEC 62053-23 



Operating Temperature -40˚ to + 70˚ C 



Voltage 220V to 240V phase-to-neutral, range -20% to +15%
220V to 240V phase-to-phase, range is -20% to +15%
380V to 415V phase-to-phase, range is -20% to +15%



 Frequency 50Hz +/-5%



Service Type 3-phase, 4-wire Wye/Star
3-phase, 3-wire Delta