Grid Operations allows utilities to operate and maintain their AMI investment beyond the initial deployment. Benefits include: reduced staffing for operations activities, improved efficiency for field-force, improved meter communications performance, managed configuration and release control, event and alarm management, security and fraud event detection.

Grid Operations provides a unified operations cockpit; a browser-based user interface powered by System Software that provides management and analysis for millions of NES smart grid devices. Being part of the NES utility data center software suite, it provides visual statistics, automated network functions, user rights management, auditing and logging, and time-saving diagnostics.

Key features include
Operations Dashboard

Gain an immediate 360° view of the AMI performance, quickly identify problems and drill into detail

Event Management

Gain visibility of what is happening through filterable event and alarm logs; for one meter, a grouping of meters or a summary for all through AMI infrastructure; quickly identify service delivery quality issues

Meter Commissioning

Manage the process of meter rollout to ensure full operation for new AMI; from mass-rollouts in strategic programme, to tactical deployments in new coverage areas, through to meter replacements

Communication Performance Management

Check that information flow from the low-voltage grid is not being choked; if SLAs are in jeopardy or are violated, quickly drill in to identify specific infrastructure and communications lines

Configuration and Release Management

Ensure that the introduction of change is consistent, complete and successful; reduce security loop-holes and consumer outages

Security and Fraud Event Identification

Check for patterns in information which indicate security, fraud, theft or other revenue leakage activities, pinpoint the specific AMI components, and initiate a rapid resolution.

Grid Operations provides a single user interface and operational support system (OSS) for your AMI investment.

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