NES System Software

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Proven, Secure, Multi-Application
Secure: built on industry leading security features. Reliable: provides 99.7% to 100% data availability. Extensible: enables a full range of smart grid application.
NES System Software Details

NES's central data hub empowering smart grid applications. Powerful management, collection and integration software engines based in the utility's data center. Deploys, provisions, configures, audits, diagnoses, and retrieves data from low voltage grid sensors. Includes processing of grid events, collection of meter load profiles and power quality data, and offers extensive Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for back office integrations.
System Software Features NES System Software Features
Takes advantage of NES’s local intelligence to reduce data deluge and WAN costs. Enables on-demand reads, instant diagnostics, power outage detection, verification and restoration, move-in/move-out, and secure remote disconnect/reconnect services. Simplified, automated management of communication schedules for collecting meter billing reads, on-demand data, reads, events, alarms, power-quality data, and load profiles. Enhanced security features encrypt all communication. Advanced OSGP-AES-128-PSK security is supported.
Proven and Built to Scale NES System Software Network
Capable of scaling to a 5-million meter network. Uses any standard IP network to communicate with NES Data Concentrators, Distributed Control Nodes, and other utility and non-utility assets. Backward-compatible and extensible architecture protects investment.
Local Intelligence Reduces Data Deluge NES System Software Efficiency
Two-way grid intelligence for a more stable, reliable, and smarter grid. Visibility for lowering grid infrastructure lifecycle costs.
Multi-Application Platform Built to Reduce Operational Costs NES System Software Reducing Costs
Supports sensor assignment and commissioning; large-scale demand response and load control; automated collection of events, alarms, load profiles, and meter-billing, demand, and power-quality data; instant diagnostics, power-outage detection verification and restoration, secure remote disconnect/reconnect services.
Open and Built on Industry Standards to Reduce IT Costs NES System Software Data Metering
SOA with SOAP/XML enables easy integration with utility middleware, meter data-management systems, and Web services-aware applications and infrastructure from leading providers.
Technical Specs
Automated commands Allows grouping of meters and other devices through attributes and hierarchies to efficiently perform commands over subsets of meters

Timing control Maintains accurate system time in meters and data concentrators and supports automated scheduling of tasks

Communications Support for standard IP-based WAN systems, wired, wireless, 2G, 3G, 4G

Software integration Compatible with utility middleware and applications using standards-based design such as XML, .NET, IP

Scalability Runs on a single laptop or scales for mass deployments exceeding 5 million devices with security-hardened, balanced, redundant data-center hosting